Zovargo Senior photographer capturing our chameleon

Zovargo Senior photographer capturing our chameleon

Zovargo Digital Media Internship San Diego

What to Expect

You'll be thrown into our fun, educational programs with a huge responsibility - documenting it all through awesome images and video!

We know how hard a photographer and Videographer's job can be, especially when taking action shots where moments are fleeting! Because of this, the best candidates are ones that can work quickly 'on their toes' and really aim to get the best shots possible.

The digital Media Internship San Diego will either be responsible for taking photos or videos, based on their specialty. Only those individauls that are skilled and willing to take on both roles, will excel in the role of supporting both photo and video. Experience in working with digital media is a must, but as this is a training and development opportunity, we appreciate artists that are looking to grow their resume! 

Photo support includes lots of live event photos including some portrait photos of our animals and our staff. Most videos we are pre-planned and organized prior to the date of shooting.

How to apply

Send your resume and some examples of your work to us! Also, complete the application by clicking the green button below. 

zovargo_01-13-2018_07 (1).jpg

This could be YOU!

Shoot some of the coolest events around San Diego!


-Some photographer experience

-Some video editing and creation experience

-Must have digital media application experience (editing photos and videos)

-Must own Professional Photographic and Video Recording Equipment

-Own vehicle for transportation to events

-Should have weekday availability 

-Own a smart phone

Videographer Intern Details: 

-Take "b roll" video during our education programs

-Film and edit professional videos which are scheduled and organized by Zovargo staff

-Approx 5-10 hours per week 

-6 Month commitment 

-Position is unpaid, but opportunity to grow into paid role

Photographer Intern Details:

-Take photos during our education programs (many live shots)

-Take portrait photos as needed of animals and educators

-Approx. 5 Hours per week

-6 Month commitment 

-This position is unpaid, but opportunity to grow into paid role


Here's a video example that one of our interns created for us.