Zovargo at the STEAM Maker Festival

In December, 2016 we participated in one of our favorite events of the year - The STEAM Maker Festival! This is our third time participating in this festival, and we enjoy watching it grow each time! As part of this festival we support the SCIENCE part of STEAM Education. Many science teachers are looking for ways to bring their subjects to life and we do just that! Our animal educational programs San Diego are just what many teachers are looking for. 

We also supported this festival for a second time by hosting the Backyard Safari Challenge. In this challenge, students age K-4 went out and collected, cataloged, and presented their BUG findings to local entomologists. We had some great presentations that were so creative! Take a look at some of the pictures from the presentations below! 

The winners of this challenge were selected because of their creativity and vast knowledge about the insects they discovered! It's important in this challenge that students found a variety of bugs and also knew about what they discovered. All important components for the judges who had a very challenging role trying to name the winners! 

There were lots of other fun things happening at the festival including a Recycled Fashion Challenge and Robotics Challenge! We also had many visitors throughout the day that enjoyed meeting our animals and interacting with our bug "Petting Zoo" and games! 

Zovargo is so passionate about reaching children of all ages and helping to inspire them through our school animal educational programs San Diego. We provide an opportunity to interact with live animal ambassadors! Our school programs are present and active in many schools throughout San Diego. 

 Team Zovargo at the STEAM Maker Festival

Team Zovargo at the STEAM Maker Festival

Special Thanks to our Photographers Jorge and Trenton for supporting us at this event and providing all these great images!