Camp Zovargo! Animals, Nature, Science, & More!


Camp Zovargo is a day camp where unique animals, nature, and fun all come together making an awesome summertime experience! 

Located at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center in Carlsbad, this camp is super special because of its small numbers (max of 30 children) and it only occurs one week out of the year! However, the memories made at THIS camp will last a lifetime! 

For 2017, we are adding a new partner and even more adventure to our camp. We're partnering with the Award winning Carlsbad Art Farm for one day of our camp. Thursday, July 27th we'll be enjoying nature and many farm animals at the 10-acre, untouched woodland where the Art Farm is located.

Each day at Camp Zovargo, campers get to experience something new! Zovargo has over 20 animal ambassadors that campers get to meet throughout this five-day camp! From a Bengal Cat, Chameleon, Parrots, and even a millipede; campers dive into the world of animal discovery and learn about what it takes to care for these animals! Campers will also discover the animal’s specialized habitats and how they can help protect those habitats! Animal conservation is at the heart of everything at Zovargo, so this topic is discussed in a positive light throughout camp. 


In addition to time with the animals, Zovargo takes campers outdoors on several explorations and nature walks to discover how special our local ecosystems truly are! Everything at Camp Zovargo is sewn together with hands-on activities and even some out-of-the-ordinary science experiments! 

Our enriching camp is 100% interactive and immersive, making the days "fly" by! Our team of trained and experienced camp counselors/animal handlers provides encouragement and excitement each day! Camp Zovargo is proud to provide a small, inclusive team environment where every camper has a great time learning and discovering! 

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