Zovargo Animal Ambassador of the Month: Leo

Leo is a Bengal Cat that Zovargo rescued from a nonprofit rescue in Los Angeles

This is Leo, he's a Bengal Cat.  Bengal cats are wild cat/domestic cat hybrids and derive from Asian Leopard Cats.   Bengal Cat's get their name from the Asian Leopard Cat's taxonomic name, Prionailurus bengalensis.   In 1963, a cat breeder name, Jean Mill, purchased an Asian Leopard Cat and bred her with a domestic male cat.  She loved the wild features of the Asian Leopard Cat and wanted one that behaved like a normal domesticated cat.  Asian Leopard Cats weigh about 8-10lbs.  On average, Bengal Cats weigh about 15lbs. and have spots, rosettes, and a light belly.  Below are 6 different Bengal Cat coats:

Source: largestcatbreed.com

Bengal Cats are different than normal cats, they love water and are known to play with it.  It must be the wildcat in them!  

 Two Bengal Cats enjoying a swim. (Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Two Bengal Cats enjoying a swim. (Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Bengal Cats are highly active and intelligent felines, they need to be entertained and mentally stimulated.  If you have a Bengal Cat, make sure to have enough toys and games for their enjoyment.  Basic toys aren't going to cut it, they're too smart and need challenging toys to combat with boredom.   The best part, Bengal Cats are so smart, you can teach them to do tricks!

Leo shows off his beautiful fur coat as he poses for the camera

Bengal Cats can jump up to 7 times their height or over 10 feet high!

Bengal Cats are often seen on walks with a leash.  No, they aren't dogs but they can also learn to play fetch. 

Leo is enjoying a nice walk outside on his leash.

Kind, playful, and pretty, Leo is one of Zovargo's favorite ambassadors.  He's a huge hit at parties and loves getting petted softly.  If you haven't met Leo, you are missing out on San Diego's coolest cat!