7 Really Good Reasons You Have To Attend The San Diego Bird Festival

Discover something new with Zovargo!  We are honored to partner with The Audubon Society to help throw their San Diego Bird Festival at Marina Village Conference Center, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA, on February 26, 2017! 

You know that saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together"?  Well, it's true!  This idiom means that people who have similar interests and tastes will be found together.  What is our common interest? The answer might not surprise you, it's BIRDS!!  We are bird advocates and want to share our love of birds with everyone, especially you.  The Zovargo flock has partnered with The Audubon Society to throw the biggest bird festivals in San Diego, The San Diego Bird Festival at the Marina Village Conference Center in Mission Bay, San Diego, on Family Day, February 26, 2017.  There will be hundreds of different creatures from parrots and reptiles to owls and scorpion and more.  Best of all, Family Day is FREE!!  

Family Day Flyer.  (Source: San Diego Bird Festival)

7 Really Good Reasons You Have To Attend The San Diego Bird Festival:

1. Zovargo: We've been planning this for months and have a lot of cool and interactive activities for you!  Baby Bird, Peepers, Zeta and the rest of the flock will be attending, giving you some great photo opportunities.  Have any questions? We'll try our best to fill you in on anything related to birds!

2. Birds:  There will be so many birds varying from hawks, sparrows, woodpeckers and much much more!  if you love birds, you have to come see the variety at The San Diego Bird Festival!.

3. Field Trips: There will be plenty of field trips that cover every corner of San Diego on diverse topics.  Some of the field trips include but are not limited to, the Anza-Borrego Desert Trip with expert bird watchers, Parrots at their Roost: Morning Edition I, Laguna and Cuyamaca Mountains Trip, and more! Some are free, some have a fee, and some even come with a meal but ALL of them are going to be super fun and memorable.

4. Workshops: Ready for some hands-on experiences? There will a wide variety of workshops that will teach you anything about birds and let you handle them too.  Want to play in nature or explore local habitats? There will be several workshops that will take you to some of the coolest locations in San Diego.  There's going to be something for everyone!

5. Games and Activities: Games, contests, prizes, arts and crafts, face painting, nature walks, bird watching, giveaways, music and more!  It's going to be hours of fun; there will be so many games and activities that you won't be able to play in all of them, so choose wisely!

6. Bird Experts: Have a question about birds? This is your opportunity to ask an expert.  There will be a ton of bird experts that will share valuable information and teach you anything you want to learn about birds.  

7. Food: San Diego is known for its food and craft beer selection, so it's fitting that there will be a variety of each every night!  Some will be free, others will cost money, and some will be $1.

Adventure, discover, and explore! The San Diego Bird Festival will have everything you can think of about birds plus more.  With hundreds of birds, hands-on activities, field trips, workshops, activities, games, food, beer, wine, and much more, do you really need another reason to go?  If you love birds, YOU HAVE TO COME! It's going to be AWESOME!  Check out the Audubon Society's website for more details: San Diego Bird Festival.  We'll see you there!

 A Field Trip with a Bird Expert. (Source: San Diego Bird Festival Facebook Page)

A Field Trip with a Bird Expert. (Source: San Diego Bird Festival Facebook Page)