Eco-Challenge Yourself!

Earth Day is around the corner and while it's the time of year many people start thinking about how they can help reduce, reuse, and recycle - at Zovargo Earth Day is Everyday!

We are always trying to spread the message of conservation through our educational animal encounters. We work to connect people to animals and hope everyone will want to make a change in their lives to help SAVE the all animals (and their habitats). There are several ways we hope to inspire our program attendees to make a change. They may consider: 

  • Becoming a better pet owner by really thinking new pet decisions through
  • Adopting their new companion animal rather than going to a pet store
  • Recycling items rather than throwing them away
  • Reducing their consumption of items that are not bio-degradable or reusable 
  • Choosing to use recycled items rather than items made from the original source
  • Giving their time to organizations that support conservation
  • Considering the type/source of items they purchase before buying (i.e. buying recycled paper)



One thing we do everyday is EAT, right?

 "Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" #zovargogreen

"Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" #zovargogreen

Many of us are so busy and don't have time to cook every meal. It's a true and difficult fact that many are consumers of food on-the-go. One thing to consider is HOW we eat on-the-go. Quick meals have a huge impact on our green footprint. Did you know that some plastic takes up to 1000 years to break down? Did you know that it never really disappears but becomes micro-plastic? Our consumption of straws alone is unimaginable.

To help make an end to our wasteful habits of on-the-go dinning, we want to help eliminate plastic and reduce the amount of trashed plastic straws, to-go containers, and plastic cutlery that ends up in landfills.

This April, Zovargo is challenging our friends, followers, and their families to take this eco-challenge and try to be more earth-minded. Let us know what you actively do to be "green" and SHOW US by posting a picture to your own social media page and tagging (@zovargo) Zovargo along with using our hashtag #ZovarGoGreen. Pictured to the left is our own Educator, Marissa showing us how she is earth-minded. 

Entering the contest will put your name in the drawing for a ZOVARGO ECO-STARTER PACK! We will be running this competition via Facebook the week of April 10th (1 Eco-pack winner) and Instagram the week of April 17th (1 Eco-pack winner). During the San Diego Science Educators Conference on April 29th, we'll be giving attendees at the conference a chance to enter a drawing for our final Eco-pack. 

 Zovargo Eco-Starter Pack 

Zovargo Eco-Starter Pack 

This Eco-Starter Pack ($45 Value) Contains:

  • 100% Recycled Cotton Zovargo Lunch Bag
  • Reusable Bamboo To-Go Ware packs with a case that is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • A Snack Time pack with Fabric made from 100% Recycled plastic  
  • A Bottle Sling made from rePete, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Not pictured but included: a reusable Stainless Steel straw and some Recyclable Paper straws (Use both and see which one you like best) 

We'd like to thank our sponsors and partners supporting this challenge!

Big Frog T-shirts in Claremont for printing our bags with non-toxic plant-based ink! 

Aardvark paper straws for partnering with Zovargo to make a difference in the way we drink! 

Private donations from our Supporters