An Unlikely Super Dad

Its Father’s Day and at Zovargo we want to give a shout out to all of those amazing fathers out there. At Zovargo we have an animal ambassador who is a pretty good dad in the animal kingdom, although he may not compare to your dad who has the best jokes this animal is still an exceptional father especially for its kind. This animal is quite large and is incredibly aggressive. It would come to a surprise to know that this animal would even possess good dad qualities. This animal is none other than the African Bullfrog!

zovargo_06-25-2017_12 copy.jpg

Weighing in at over 3lbs with a length of 9 inches these frogs are indeed quite massive. African Bullfrog dads definitely use this to their advantage when it comes to parental care. After all of the eggs have been laid by the females in a small pond one bold male will stay behind to protect them. These fearsome males ward off any passing intruders, whether it be snakes, turtles, or lizards these dads are sure to keep the tadpoles safe from such dangers. Protecting the eggs and tadpoles is just one of the steps that African Bullfrogs take in looking after their young.

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Another action that they take to protect their young is quite unique. Female African Bullfrogs lay their eggs in small shallow ponds next to a larger pond to keep them safe from the predatory animals living in there. However, as time passes the sun evaporates the nursery like pond away. This creates a dilemma; a situation where the tadpoles are running out of water that they need to breathe. However, the African Bullfrog super dad comes in to the rescue with the perfect plan. Since the young tadpoles have hatched they have grown substantially in size, now they are old enough to be exposed to the larger pond next door. This is where the super dad comes in.  These amazing dads use their strong back legs to create a channel that connects to the main pond. This allows for the new flow of water into the smaller pond and an entrance for the tadpoles into the larger pond, because the smaller pond would just evaporate with ime. While these mighty acts may not seem like much, the African Bullfrog is truly a super dad!