Walk on the WILD side...with our November Ambassador!

Walk on the WILD side...with our November Ambassador!

Zovargo's November Animal Ambassador is a Walking Stick! These insects are amazing at utilizing camouflage and are great animals to have as a short-term pet or classroom animal ambassador. The Indian walking sticks are interesting to watch and easy to care for which also makes them an interesting addition for anyone looking for an easy-to-care for insect.  

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Zovargo Partners with Award-Winning Carlsbad Art Farm!

Carlsbad Art Farm is a privately operated 10-acre outdoor art instruction facility in north coastal San Diego County offering classes, workshops, school field trips and award-winning summer camps. Art Farm's mission is to inspire and encourage a deep connection to animals and the natural world through traditional studio art education.

Situated in a hidden valley near the Village of Carlsbad, Art Farm offers visual arts instruction centered on animal life and explorations of their unique woodland habitat. Art Farm was voted "Most Awesome Camp for Kids in Southern California" in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Zovargo and Carlsbad Art Farm Farm are excited to partner this summer, offering local students a unique opportunity to connect to animals, art and nature.


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