Tortuga, Russian tortoise ambassador, Taken 2019

Tortuga, Russian tortoise ambassador, Taken 2019

What is Zovargo?

An Animal Conservation Program San Diego!

Zovargo provides conservation education programs with live animal ambassadors. Our team is made up of passionate educators looking to make a change in the world by delivering programs that focus on conservation of animals, their habitats, and promoting sustainable behaviors that lessen our ecological footprint

Zovargo aims to touch the heart and teach the mind by providing positive experiences and interactions with animals that help spark an appreciation for all species. We know that positive animal experiences are the catalyst for future conservation stewards.

What does Zovargo mean? 
Zo - Animals
Var - Variety of Animals
Go - Movement or progress in conservation

Where do the animals come from? 
Nearly all the animals at Zovargo come from private donations or owner relinquishments. Some animals have also come from local domestic and wildlife rescues.

Our Mission

Zovargo's mission is to foster human-animal connections through unique encounters and interactive educational programs that inspire conservation stewardship. 

We are founded with the aspiration to teach appreciation for all animals and nature through up-close, safe interactions with our educational animal ambassadors. Sewn into our programs are positive conservation messages to empower our audience so they can help make a change to preserve animals, their habitat, and our planet.

Our Values

Our values at Zovargo are the threads that hold us together as a team. These principles are stitched through our individual lives helping us to empower and spread the word about conservation.

Love, appreciate and respect animals 

Be your genuine, honest self

Strive for self improvement and innovation

Be a steward for our planet and our team

Be actively involved, YOU are Zovargo


Why Choose Zovargo?

We are an award-winning animal conservation program that incorporates the attendees! We do not lecture, we are not a school, there will be no tests, but there will be FUN, and most importantly, there will be experiences that will create lasting memories. Zovargo's Animal Conservation Program education San Diego will also leave you with a message about how YOU can make a difference in the world we live to help save the animals we love and our planet. 

Our educators collectively have over 20 years of experience delivering programs to all ages! The creator of Zovargo holds a professional certificate from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Conservation Education.

Additionally, Zovargo is a woman, Veteran-owned small business! We strive to provide the most impactful animal conservation program education in San Diego and Orange County! We take safety and regulations seriously - we are licensed and fully Insured. 

Awards and Recognition

winner in the "awesome animal attraction" for southern california

S2017 an Diego Union Tribute - Voted as a local "favorite"

S2017 an Diego Union Tribute - Voted as a local "favorite"

2018 Girl Scouts San Diego    Friendship Award Winner

2018 Girl Scouts San Diego

Friendship Award Winner

(held by our Founder or Organization)


How can you help?

1) Give your time! Intern with Zovargo. We are always accepting new intern applications and have a need for Animal Educators, Videographers, Photographers, Marketing, and Administrative Support. 

2) Help us with supplies. Check out our wish list by clicking the wish list image! 

3) Donate to Zovargo. We could always use a helping hand with monetary donations. If interested in supporting us, please email for details