Girl Scout Programs San Diego  

Zovargo is a GSSD award-winning community partner that brings a variety of unique animals
(mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects) to every badge or journey workshop we provide!
We provide Journey in a Day programs that complete all journey requirements, with the exception of the Take Action Projects. We also provide many badge workshops for all levels of GIRLS! 



Outdoor Art Maker**, Eco Learner**

Journey in a Day:
Between Earth and Sky, Three Cheers for Animals

Sessions that support Daisy Journeys: Between Earth and Sky~
Three Cheers for Animals~ 



Pets~/*, Bugs*, Making Friends*
Eco Friend*

Home Scientist**, Inventor**

Outdoor Art Creator** 

Journey in a Day: Quest



Animal Habitats**, Flowers*, Gardener*, Detective**

Entertainment Technology**,

Product Design**, Eco Camper**, Outdoor Art Explorer**

Journey in a Day: Agent of Change, Get Moving,  aMuse, Outdoor Journey (partial completion)

Girl Scout Cadettes Zovargo


Animal Helper*, Trees*, Business Plan**, Science of Happiness**, Night Owl**, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker**, Website Designer**/~, Outdoor Art Apprentice** Marketing**, Eco Trekker**

Journey in a Day: aMaze!

Sow What Journey in a Day - Seniors

Sow What Journey in a Day - Seniors


Voice for Animals*, Sky*, Ourdoor Art Expert**, Website Designer**, Eco Explorer**, Business Etiquette*, Adventurer**

Journey in a Day: Sow What?


Eco Advocate**, Water**, Outdoor Art Master** | Journey in a Day: Justice

* = 1 Hour Program    |   ** = 1.5 Hour Program   | ~ = Program Time Varies  |  Daisy, Brownie Journey in a Day = 3.5 Hours | Junior & Up Journey in a Day = 4 Hours

Zovargo Girl Scout Program Testimonials

What I liked best was that you taught the girls about their power within them, positive examples, and how to interact and impact their world. Love the animals and the girls’ opportunity to meet them. Some of the girls overcame their fears, which is awesome. :)
— Agent of Change Journey Testimonial, 2019
What I like best is that the Zovargo team was all so educated and kept the 5-6 year olds under control. I really loved the hands-on aspect. The stories were great. Informative!! Loved it all and I learned a lot too!
— Between Earth and Sky Journey, 2019
Educators were knowledgeable and good at keeping the kids engaged. Good Variety of animals. Overall Great experience for the kids!
— Brownie Quest Journey, 2019
Thank you so much for this program. I really appreciated that you created a unique new journey in a day!
— Get Moving Journey, 2019
The hands-on interaction experiences create a wonderful learning opportunity.
— Three Cheers for Animals Journey, 2019
What I liked best was the active interactions with the teachers and animals. My daughter had a great experience. Thank you!
— Brownie Quest, 2019
What I liked best was that this journey made the girls think about relevant issues in a fun way. The animals were a great component.
— Sow What Journey, 2019
What I liked best was the enthusiasm of instructors and the animal interactions. My daughter loved the Bengal Cat.
— aMUSE Journey, 2019
The educators did a great job, they are very organized. The journey was very well presented!
— Brownie Quest Journey, 2019
Thank you for today. The program was interesting, fun, and we are taking home some valuable info and I now our girls will be talking about it for a long time.
— Get Moving Journey, 2019
What I liked best was the way you related the animals to different issues/parts of our life. You are awesome! Thank you for making this available to us!
— Agent of Change Journey, 2019
It’s refreshing to see how you all are so positive, taking time to hear all girls. Never cutting girls short or showing irritation with comments off topic. Your love for what you’re doing shines through. Thank you! What I liked best was empowering girls with women in history and qualities they have in common.
— Agent of Change Journey, 2019

Booking a Zovargo Girl Scout Program San Diego

Ready to book? After you've confirmed your program details with us, please complete our booking form (click the green button)


Requesting a Girl Scout Program San Diego 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where: We come to YOU! We travel to your private home, school, GS HQ, and even public parks!

When: Anytime! We have very flexible availability!

How: Interested in a multi-badge program? Something special? Let us know! We can accommodate most any special request*. Our girl scout programs San Diego are always interactive and memorable! The girls get to touch and hold our animals and be part of the program! We don't lecture and there will be no tests - just fun, hand-on learning! 

What's the program like? We go by the books! Our programs for the badges always follow the requirements for the badge/journey. The added benefit is we incorporate animals into ALL our programs. 

Can I choose the animals? While we are open to receiving requests, our programs have pre-determined animals that align with the content of the program. Please let us know if there's any animals that you would NOT want to come at the time of booking. 

Mixed Troops: Do you have a combined troop with multiple levels? That's Ok! We have done various dual badge programs and combined badge programs before.

What's Next? Check our availability by emailing, calling or texting us at 619-618-0745. Once you confirm our availability, fill out the form (green button above).

At the 2018 Girl Scouts San Diego Conference, Zovargo was awarded the Friendship Award. Through several letters and nominations, we proudly earned this award. We are honored to have earned this special award!

Pricing for Zovargo GS Programs 

3" Round Zovargo Fun Patch

3" Round Zovargo Fun Patch

1 Hour Badge/Fun Program: $12* per girl, 15 girl minimum or $180 minimum per group

1.5 Hour Badge Program: $15* per girl, 14 girl minimum or $210 minimum per group

Daisy, Brownie - Journey in a Day: (3.5 hours) = $30 per girl / 10 Girl minimum or same fee. Max 30 girls. Includes FREE Zovargo Fun Patch!

Junior level & Up - Journey in a Day: (4 hours) = $30 per girl / 10 Girl minimum or same fee. Max 30 girls. Includes FREE Zovargo Fun Patch!

Badge Program Add-on: Zovargo Fun Patch, $1

-Badges are not included 

*Special programs with multiple badges in one session may have slightly higher per girl fee

*Pricing may be different than indicated here based on the request or based on a travel fee (all fees discussed at/before the time of booking)