We're always accepting new Zovargo Animal Internships in San Diego to join our team

Who: Anyone age 18 and up can become an Animal Educator

Where: We travel throughout San Diego County and beyond! 

Requirements: 5-15 Hours a Week, Own your own vehicle, and have valid license and insurance. 

Benefits: Animal handling and husbandry experience, experience educating all ages, learn how to utilize interpretive teaching techniques, learn and gain experience in delivering conservation education programs. Gain experience and coaching in public speaking and delivering exciting education programs to audiences of all ages. 

Length of Animal Internships: 6 Months

Job Description: For the complete job description, click here

To apply, complete our online application by clicking the "Apply Now" button below. We'll be in touch! 

What's it like to work at Zovargo?

Below are videos and testimonials from our former interns talking about their experience at Zovargo. 

I had such a wonderful experience with Zovargo as one of their educators! Amanda and Larry are so passionate and it shows through their dedication to Zovargo. They gave me a place to share my passion for conservation education. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone understand their impact on the environment and realizing you helped make a difference. It’s not just facts! It’s a delivery in such a way that it is both entertaining and educational for everyone involved.

I loved my time with Zovargo and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to share their passion for teaching the importance of conservation to the youth.
— Samantha Smith

I worked with Zovargo as an intern for six months beginning in February 2016 and had an amazing experience. Amanda and Larry make excellent leaders by modeling real dedication to their mission and striving always for excellence in their programs.

A big part of the animal internship program was training. Amanda has a wealth of experience and knowledge related to interpretation/education, and she was highly effective in passing on some of her skills to me. I was able to grow from a nervous and unsure educator at my first programs to the confident Animal Educator I am today, able to lead solo programs and assist in training other interns. Now at the end of my time with Zovargo, I can reflect on my experiences as both challenging and extremely rewarding. The atmosphere working with the team is one of acceptance and inclusion, and I walk away having built lasting friendships.

Thank you Zovargo! To anyone considering working with them or booking them, I recommend it wholeheartedly!
— Maddie Mullins

I had to opportunity to intern with Zovargo for six months. What an amazing experience! Amanda and Larry truly care about these animals. They really do practice what they preach. It was amazing to see how much time and effort they relentlessly poured into Zovargo.

Being an intern at Zovargo helped me gain many skills, including animal handling, public speaking, and learning how to connect with all sorts of people. I was often a shy speaker, but Zovargo helped me learn how to pour my passion for animals into my talks. Before I had never handled many of the species that Zovargo includes. Through this program I was quickly taught how to properly handle and care for all the different kinds of creatures. I would highly recommend interning here if you are interested in any career related to animals. Lastly, interacting with strangers at events helped me learn how to connect with people of all types and ages, and I became excited about sharing the love I had for animals with them.

I will never forget the rewarding experiences that Zovargo provided. The Zovargo team is truly an amazing group to work with. Every member deeply cares about the Zovargo mission.
— Christy Shimamoto