We're always accepting new Zovargo Animal Internships in San Diego to join our team

Who: Anyone age 18 and up can become an Animal Educator

Where: We travel throughout San Diego County and beyond! 

Requirements: 5-15 Hours a Week, Own your own vehicle, and have valid license and insurance. 

Benefits: Animal handling and husbandry experience, experience educating all ages, learn how to utilize interpretive teaching techniques, learn and gain experience in delivering conservation education programs. Gain experience and coaching in public speaking and delivering exciting education programs to audiences of all ages. 

Length of Animal Internships: 6 Months

To apply, complete our online application by clicking the "Apply Now" button below. We'll be in touch! 

Animal Internships San Diego Job Description


  1. Gain confidence in speaking in front of various audiences. 
  2. Obtain training and experience on how to provide age-appropriate education. 
  3. Understand how to deliver interactive, conservation focused programs. 
  4. Deliver animal programs on many animal species from bees, birds, and everything in between. 
  5. Confidently handle many different species of animals and present the animals for interactions. 
  6. Trained Educators with a combined 20 years of experience provide mentoring, coaching, professional training, and 1-1 professional development for all educators. 
  7. Starting in the fall of 2017, Zovargo will offer a reward-based professional development program that will provide funding for professional courses, certificates, and/or professional memberships for all educators. 


  1. Deliver engaging, interactive, educational programs to audiences of all ages.

  2. Accept or decline events for programs (sent via calendar) as quickly as possible - no less than 48 hours prior to an event.

    a. Tip: It doesn’t hurt to check in via email/text also, just to be sure those first few program replies go through correctly.
  3. Dress appropriately for each program upon starting the probationary period.

    a. Zovargo dress code: Tan or Olive green shirt (no wrinkles), Shirt w/ collar preferred. No logos on shirt. Pants: No ripped jeans, dark jeans preferred, or olive/tan cargo pants. Shoes: close toe shoes or sneakers. No dress flats or dress shoes, please.
  4. Arrive timely to scheduled education events willing to help with set-up, tear-down and executing the program. (Arrival time is 30 minutes prior to the program unless otherwise directed).

  5. Provide education programs as a team with other educators. Teamwork is a must!

  6. No phone use during Zovargo programs (no snap chats/taking photos / texting/etc..). 

  7. Log hours and mileage as directed.

  8. Optional: Complete a project during internship or dive into other areas of Zovargo. 


  1. Must have your own vehicle and be a registered owner, licensed driver.

  2. Must have means to accommodate gas expense. Unpaid travel is a requirement in this position. We do not offer/manage a carpool (it’s encouraged, but we cannot arrange this for you).  

  3. Must have a smart phone and be able to navigate successfully to events.

  4. Must be able to dedicate six months of time to the internship. This is a minimum of one program a week, No exceptions - especially during the first few months.

  5. Should have experience delivering educational programs or speaking in front of audiences.

  6. Should have experience handling animals, but we are willing to train those willing/able to proceed and make progress in this area!

  7. Should have some experience working with children/youth.

  8. Ideal candidate should be able to lift 30 pounds. Our outreach programs involve some labor hauling in our educational props, displays, and animals

Length of animal Internships San Diego

Six months and flexible availability to fulfill an average of 5-15 hours per week to support education events. This is a minimum of 1 event per week.

If you are unable to fulfill this commitment, you can schedule a practice/training session with Zovargo leaders.

Location of animal Internships San Diego

Zovargo is an outreach program that "Brings the Zoo to You." We are always on the move and could be in North County of San Diego one day, then down in South Bay the next. We have training sessions/meetings in central San Diego, but our regular work location is always changing depending on the day. Join our animal internships San Diego today! :)