Amanda Plante, CEO, Founder, Animal Educator

Three themes have continued throughout Amanda's life: continued dedication to learning and teaching, passion for conservation, and a never-ending love for all animals! As the Founder of Zovargo, she crafted an organization that is a combination of these themes resulting in a powerful community-based group of dedicated people (and animals) that help foster conservation stewards and make the world a better place!

Like a true super hero, Ms. Plante has several uniforms and powers! When she is not managing the daily operations at Zovargo, she is working in her other full-time career as a knowledge manager and IT developer for the Navy. In what little spare time exists, she can be found working as a volunteer wildlife educator and raptor rehabilitator; or attending training courses to build on her skills as an educator, zoo manager, and business CEO. She is an awarded Navy Veteran and has remained dedicated to wildlife having served for the same wildlife rehabilitation facility for the last decade!

Amanda has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science. Additionally, she is a Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG), Certified as a Knowledge Management (KM) professional; has completed Conservation Education, Program Animal Management, and Animal Training Applications courses through the Association for Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). She also holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from the University of San Diego. In 2016 she completed the AZA's comprehensive professional development program, earning a certificate in Education & Interpretation.


Larry Miller, Stewardship Guide

Coming from a family that would go out of their way for any stray animal; the concepts of care, rescue, and rehabilitation for all animals was instilled within Larry’s core values as a young child. As a way to connect with the world and give back to the planet he is an advocate for conservation.

Larry studied Microbiology at the University of California Santa Barbara before pursuing a career in the IT field. Having held numerous Information Technology (IT) support roles throughout his profession; interacting and mentoring individuals are common daily tasks. He is also an active volunteer for multiple wildlife organizations.

When not implementing new technologies, Larry spends his free time tending to wildlife rehabilitation patients, volunteering at booth events, giving presentations, speeches and talks for various audiences. You’ll find him researching and studying in an effort to support the continuous development of new education programs. Zovargo is the ideal platform that allows him to combine his skills and devotion to conservation awareness. 


Angelica Grunloh, Senior Animal Educator 

Angelica, born into an extended family of herbalists and wilderness-loving hippie types, was instilled with a love and respect for natural things from the jump.  She grew up with many pets (mostly wild lizards delivered by her well-meaning father) and her love of animals has been growing and evolving since she can remember.  In her late teens, she deviated from the flower child template that her family  had laid out and she channelled her love of nature into scientific pursuits.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Davis and plans to someday continue her education and pursue a career in the field, studying the responses of wildlife to man-made changes in their environments. 

Currently, she is Zovargo’s Senior and lead educator where she delivers and develops programs as well as trains new educators and animal care personnel. She also volunteers with a group that rehabilitates injured and displaced wildlife. When she’s not working, she spends her time hiking, gardening, and raising “the best dog to have ever lived:” a pitbull mutt she found in Davis.  She grew up watching animal programs and she understands the impact that conservation-based education had on who she is today, and she loves that Zovargo has given her the opportunity to inspire the next round of advocates and environmentalists.  


Abrey Hughes, Senior Animal Educator

Abrey spent most of her life in rural Arizona where she grew up raising and caring for a multitude of animals. From the age of 11 to 17, she lived on a small, remote farm and had the responsibility of looking after cows, goats, pigs, chickens, even geese, and more! She took this love for animals a bit farther by volunteering at the Humane Society and rescuing/fostering kittens. Abrey still wanted to do more though; she wanted to make an impact. This became a reality when she moved to San Diego and discovered Zovargo. Ms. Hughes began her internship in March of 2017 and has appreciated all the opportunity to grow and learn as an educator, animal handler, and animal care team member. 

When she’s not working at Zovargo, Abrey is looking after dogs at her doggy daycare job. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her new dog on her sailboat. 


Katie Wilcox, Animal Educator

Katie is a native San Diegan who has always had a passion for wildlife. She grew up going to the San Diego Zoo with her family and turned her fascination with animals into a career. Earning a degree in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution made her realize her true passion when it comes to wildlife: Conservation Education. She currently pursues a career with the San Diego Zoo in the Education Department, educating people of all ages about the importance of loving our planet and conserving wildlife. 

She is extremely excited for the opportunity Zovargo has given her to further her reach in educating the public about wildlife and how we can help animals right in our own backyards.


Diane Tripp, Animal Educator

Diane grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and learned to respect and appreciate nature from bald eagles and loons to bears, deer and even flying squirrels.

Her heart lead her to the ocean and after visiting coastal cities San Diego became a favorite. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a degree in marine biology after spending 2 semesters in Australia. It was a magnificent experience and an epic adventure.

Diane feels lucky to have found Zovargo to help build her experience and help her get closer to her dream job facilitating interactions between people and amazing animals.

Rhittyaa Hang, Digital Media/Marketing  

Rhittyaa is a young spirit but with an old soul. You'll probably end up seeing him either snoozing on the grass at the nearest park enjoying the breeze, or wandering up the trails of the closest mountains to him. He love the adventures that nature can give him which in turn gives him stories he loves to tell. 

Just last year he moved into the big city from a small town to get his degree in Graphic and Web Design. Throughout that he realized he was missing something and later on had rediscovered his love for nature. His dream is to be an art director for National Geographic. While still a long way to go, he's assured that nature is on his side. He strongly follows these two messages that helps him keep his head up. "Listen to nature, and she will listen back." and "The best version of yourself is when you are outdoors."

When Rhittyaa was a child, he crossed paths with a bright red fox! That experience began his early connection with the Fox and with nature!