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Vanessa Morgan, Animal Educator, Zovargoian, 2016-Present 


Rhittyaa Hang, Digital Media/Marketing, 2017-Present

Zovargo is absolutely a home away from home to me. It’s been over a year now since I’ve moved to San Diego, and during the first few months, I literally knew no one. I was completely by myself. I’m sure we can all relate to moving from a small town to the big city for school or a job. I was extremely fortunate that my academic advisor had recommended me for a Digital Media Internship with Zovargo. As soon as I went into his office, he had pretty much said to me: “This Internship is PERFECT for you.”

Then my story with Zovargo began,
April 2018 will mark my one year working with Zovargo, and I can guarantee you that there have been no regrets. At this point, it is been more than just an internship, or professional development. It has been a compassion that drove me to excel and help spread the message with Zovargo about conservation. Amanda, Larry, and I have seen a magnitude of growth in my already dedicated work ethic, but as well my photography, graphic design, or anything really digital. It didn’t stop there either, I’ve learned so much from going to event to event, at a photographer’s stand point, but as well as a team member of Zovargo.
I can go on, and on about how much I’ve grown just within one year with Zovargo, but honestly the most genuine and dearest thing in my heart that I’ve learned from Amanda and Larry was to do what you love. That will in turn will let you grow into someone that you never thought you could be. I couldn’t have done it without them, and the rest of my Zovargo Family.
So cheers to them, and for the future of Zovargo. If I become an Art Director for National Geographic, or even a Ranger for a National Park. It would not happen if were not been for Amanda, Larry and my Family at Zovargo that got me there. Until then, even after I graduate I’ll still be volunteering with Zovargo, because they taught me,

Do what you love!

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Ann-Cathrin Howard, Zovargo Educator, 2018

"After attending my first Zovargo presentation, I knew that I had found the right place to share my passion for animals and the environment.
Working with Team Zovargo – a group of people who are passionate about animals and nature – makes for unforgettable experiences. It was wonderful to be able to learn from one another and to create a bond grounded in the wish to make the world a better place.
Amanda and Larry’s commitment to animal conservation and education, as well as their dedication to the Zovargo ambassadors is second to none. They represent consummate role models for every animal lover and conservationist around. I thank them both for their guidance and support throughout my internship with Zovargo.
During my internship with Zovargo, I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge about animal handling and husbandry, as well as speak in front of many types of audiences. All in all, Zovargo’s Animal Educator Internship provided a wonderful way to give back to the community and to help others experience the unforgettable human-animal bond that convinces us all to protect nature." 

Jennifer Hayward, Content Manager / Administrative Support, 2016-2017

"This internship is a great platform to develop skills required for a career in the animal world! Through presenting, your public speaking skills will grow and you will be trained in animal handling and how to deal with public interaction.

I started with Zovargo around September 2016 and have continued to work with them for more than a year. They initially were offering a 6-month internship – but they are super flexible once this time is up and were kind enough to give me an extension and more responsibilities on different projects. Zovargo are a great company to intern with – they offer a variety of opportunities; from educators to photographers to event planning to admin – if you have a skill set you think you can use well they will give you the platform and are always encouraging with new ideas for Zovargo growth.

Amanda and Larry work so hard to keep Zovargo successful and just seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ of what goes into a small business was really inspiring to me. They have a great model, and it is so important that the driving force behind the company is a true love of animals and ambition to educate the community.

The Zovargo community is great to be involved in – they are a kind hearted, hard working group. As well as getting to know the team during events and presentations – lots of effort is made to hold social occasions outside of work. From birthdays, to the yearly retreat, to seasonal team bonding it is a really fun group to be a part of. I DEFINITELY recommend applying for an internship with Zovargo if you want to develop your experience working with animals and with animal loving people."

Juliana Henao, Senior Animal Educator, 2016-2017

I worked with Zovargo as an Animal Educator Intern and I can honestly say it was one of the BEST experiences I have had since I moved to San Diego. Zovargo not only provided me with new knowledge on animals I had never worked with, but sparked my passions for critters I never knew I could love (Grace!). Amanda and Larry provided such great materials for their interns, allowing us to be fluent in animal behavior and education while we were presenting. They allowed us to be independent on stage but always reassuring us they were there to back us up. Creating connections with Leo, Chico, Baby Bird, and even the cockroaches only affirmed what I have always believed to be true about animals: their hearts are purer than gold. Did you know cockroaches can have personalities? I learned that from experience! Being with Zovargo made me feel like a part of something greater in my community and I am forever thankful for the time I spent with them.

Marissa Villanueva, Senior Animal Educator, 2016-Present

My first Zovargo event, I met the love of my life. His name was Chico and he melted my heart. I stood in awe as this bird was gingerly perched upon an educator’s index finger and fluffed his feathers, a puffball of sunshine. I broke my gaze and noticed the crowded room full of dropped jaws and gleaming eyes. Kids turned to their friends, who were strangers seconds before, cooing about how handsome Chico was, and—what?! His superpower is that he is super smart?! Incredible. Once Leo, our Bengal Cat Ambassador, was on the prowl, tiny hands reached out as if to see if this spectacular moment was merely a mirage. The tentative touches led to a sea of smiles. The whole room was lit up with joy!

This is the impact of Zovargo.

Anyone can spit out a couple animal facts or a choppy conservation message, but Zovargo takes the time to tailor programs to different people and learners. Nobody wants to be talked at or lectured. Zovargo not only makes “science come to life” and learning addictive, but people have the opportunity to safely interact with all types of animals and build memories to last a lifetime!

I never expected this internship to impact my life at the level it did. When meeting new people, I always mention how I am a Zovargo Intern. Making a commitment to anything is not an easy feat, but committing to Zovargo was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Not only do you get to talk about animals ALL the time, but you get to be a part of someone’s special moment when they conquer their fear of holding a tarantula or stand in awe of a Sun Conure like Chico.

July 2017 will be my one year mark as a Zovargo Intern. I am still gaining new skills and learning every program! Zovargo has helped me flourish as a public speaker and taught me interpretation skills which have helped me succeed in many aspects of my life. Being an intern prepared me tremendously to take on the role as an educator at SeaWorld. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of becoming an animal trainer. Interning at Zovargo is a great place to start getting animal experience! Amanda and Larry make sure their educators are equipped to take on the world by teaching us how to properly care for all our ambassadors, as well as provide crucial animal safety and handling training. After undergoing multiple trainings, I am able to lead programs and help train new team members. You too, can be a Zovargoian! You don’t make friends at Zovargo, you make lifetime bonds. I have never felt alone or anxious during a presentation because I knew my team had my back and I know they always will!

We are a family. We are Zovargo.

Christy Shimamoto, Animal Educator, 2015-2016

I had to opportunity to intern with Zovargo for six months. What an amazing experience! Amanda and Larry truly care about these animals. They really do practice what they preach. It was amazing to see how much time and effort they relentlessly poured into Zovargo.

Being an intern at Zovargo helped me gain many skills, including animal handling, public speaking, and learning how to connect with all sorts of people. I was often a shy speaker, but Zovargo helped me learn how to pour my passion for animals into my talks. Before I had never handled many of the species that Zovargo includes. Through this program I was quickly taught how to properly handle and care for all the different kinds of creatures. I would highly recommend interning here if you are interested in any career related to animals. Lastly, interacting with strangers at events helped me learn how to connect with people of all types and ages, and I became excited about sharing the love I had for animals with them.

I will never forget the rewarding experiences that Zovargo provided. The Zovargo team is truly an amazing group to work with. Every member deeply cares about the Zovargo mission.

Maddie Mullins, Animal Educator, 2015-2016

I worked with Zovargo as an intern for six months beginning in February 2016 and had an amazing experience. Amanda and Larry make excellent leaders by modeling real dedication to their mission and striving always for excellence in their programs.

A big part of the animal internship program was training. Amanda has a wealth of experience and knowledge related to interpretation/education, and she was highly effective in passing on some of her skills to me. I was able to grow from a nervous and unsure educator at my first programs to the confident Animal Educator I am today, able to lead solo programs and assist in training other interns. Now at the end of my time with Zovargo, I can reflect on my experiences as both challenging and extremely rewarding. The atmosphere working with the team is one of acceptance and inclusion, and I walk away having built lasting friendships.

Thank you Zovargo! To anyone considering working with them or booking them, I recommend it wholeheartedly!
— Maddie Mullins

Samantha Smith, Animal Educator, 2015-2016 

I had such a wonderful experience with Zovargo as one of their educators! Amanda and Larry are so passionate and it shows through their dedication to Zovargo. They gave me a place to share my passion for conservation education. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone understand their impact on the environment and realizing you helped make a difference. It’s not just facts! It’s a delivery in such a way that it is both entertaining and educational for everyone involved.
— Samantha Smith