Our programs have been designed to excite all ages! Below are our programs available now and note that you can always 'choose your adventure' with Zovargo! Weekend availability can be checked and viewed via our calendar. For weekdays, please call for our availability.

ZOOper Hero Animals


Color-changing chameleons? Long-leaping frogs? A pandemonium of parrots? Put on your cape and mask and join Zovargo in learning all about some extraordinary super-hero creatures! Meet animals up close and learn how each species is important in the animal world. 
Ages 4-18+ 

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Rainforest Rescue


How many different species live in the rainforest? Millions! Grab your magnifying glass and explorer shoes and get ready to learn about some of the animals that make up the rainforest and what we can do to help these animals that are in danger of becoming extinct! Ages 8-18+

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Amazing Adaptations  


All animals have unique features that make them equipped to survive. This program highlights some AMAZING animal adaptions which can be seen and experienced through our education animals. Witness an ambush predator gulping down an unsuspecting insect, experience camouflage through our interactive demonstrations, and even fly like a bird! This program is suited for all ages!  

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Animals and Us 


Jump into the world of animals! Learn about local wild animals and how to make sure we stay safe and our wild neighbors stay safe too! Zovargo provides this unique, interactive program featuring friendly animal ambassadors! Get close and experience an animal program that is full of fun! 
Ages 2+

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Nature Play & Discovery


Zovargo aids in fostering an appreciation of the wild, natural world that surrounds us! This informal, exploratory program incorporates animals, nature play, and creative craft time! This exploratory experience is led by two nature guides. Child and adult will go hand-in-hand learning about animals, nature, and put together an eco-friendly, take-home craft! Ages 2-4.

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Choose Your Adventure! 


Do you have a special request or themed program in mind? Tell us! We love requests for custom programs that will align with exactly what your school/classroom or group is learning! We cover all science, biology, environmental, animal-related and eco-considerate topics you can think of! All ages!

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Flying Wild    


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's aaamazing! Take a closer look at some wild, flying creatures and learn about the adaptations that make them so special. This program will take you to new heights! Want to learn only about our feathered friends? We've got you covered there too and love to do a full program all about birds! Ages 8-18+

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Birds and Bugs!


Join Zovargo for an exploratory journey into the world of birds and insects! Zovargo will bring along several of their bird ambassadors along with some of their invertebrate creature teachers for this up-close encounter and learning experience. This presentation will be family friendly and provide hands-on encounters with Zovargo's ambassador birds and friendly insects!
All Ages!

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Homes and Habitats 


Spreading across the planet are vast habitats that animals call home. Desert, tropical, and tiny niche environments are what makes this program so interesting! Discover the homes that our ambassador animals call home and learn how they are all connected. This program dives into the connections that each ecosystem and animal have on each other. All Ages! 

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