Zovargo was absolutely amazing! The kids in our after school program had a blast seeing all the different animals from around the world and learning about their habitats. They learned a lot of cool facts and were able to understand how their actions effect the environment. We definitely look forward to having Zovargo come back to share more animals to share with us!
— Rachel T., Carlsbad Education Foundation
My kids loved being able to see the animals up close and even touch some. They were nervous at first but Larry and Amanda made them feel safe and comfortable.
— Sarah M.
Professional, comprehensive, educational, and fun! We will definitely book another event!!
— Suzanne R.
Zovargo 7-26-17-55.jpg
I went to one of their events and brought my 6 year old daughter. She was amazed and after, all she talked about was the experience of holding and touching new animals she had never seen. It also good for her to know how endangered many of these beautiful creatures are. Not only did the team make a compelling presentation but they made the kids understand the importance of conservation. I highly recommend them for parties or events where children learn how to make a better future for themselves and the animals.
— Marshall S.
The experience was wonderful for my almost 3 year old, getting to see the animals up close and learning something new was so great. It was a fun, new experience for [my daughter] Ellie!
— Kathleen C.
camp zovargo 2017 D3_51.jpg
Zovargo was a hit at my daughter’s 5th birthday! We had kids ranging from toddler to 11 years old. They were all entertained. The staff was relaxed and set a lovely relaxed tone to the event. They took tons of time to let the kids explore the animals and answer all their questions. Awesome people. Beautiful, healthy animals. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Zovargo!
— Shelly W.
This was by far one of the best parties we’ve hosted. Amanda was so great to work with and the show was amazing.
— Avery T.
Fun and educational for all ages. I highly recommend Zovargo for your next event. Amanda and Larry are professional, prompt and knowledgeable about the reptiles and/or animals they have rescued for the purpose of educating and inspiring both the young and old. Thank you for making my son’s birthday party the BEST party ever! (the kids at his school are still talking about it)
— Angela M.
Zovargo 7-26-17-32.jpg
Wow! This was my first Birthday Party where it was actually quiet! Girls were engaged and having fun!Thank you for an awesome experience!??
— Donna B.

This year (2018) was our third time coming out to Doyle Elementary! We had a great time with the whole school and really appreciate these letters! Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Programs, and Birthday Parties are all perfect settings for a Zovargo animal program.

I loved the knowledge and kid-friendly demeanor of the staff. The kids loved it and I would highly recommend this to any party or class!!
— Stephanie
WOW, we are still speechless as to how AWESOME you guys are! Five stars truly isn’t enough as you exceeded at putting on an interactive presentation that was far beyond anything we could’ve hoped for. Monroe’s eighth birthday party was a huge hit thanks to the spectacular job the Zovargo team did with keeping our large rowdy party of 17 kids within the 5-8 age range fascinated with all of the knowledge and experience they provided throughout the program. This team loves what they do and it reflects in their enthusiasm for children, animals and outreach. I can’t recommend Zovargo enough and will continue to do so! Until our next booking, we can’t THANK YOU enough Zovargo!
— Tess K.
We had Zovargo at our son’s 7th birthday party and they exceeded expectations! The kids had a blast and it turned out to be the perfect rainy day activity! Thank you!
— Alison W.
We saw this animal encounter at the mall and it was amazing. My oldest has animal anxiety but he was actually felt comfortable and was able to pet one of the animals. It was so awesome! The staff was great. The animals were fantastic. I love what they do here!..Excellent!!
— Sarah T.
The staff at Zovargo were fun and engaging. They are clearly knowledgable and love animals which shows in their presentation. I thought there would be 1-2 staff at the party, but there were 4 people and all were lovely. The animals were interesting and well behaved. Better than the kids. ;)
— Julie K.
We love Zovargo! My son loved learning about animals and the hands-on experience was perfect!
— Kara M.
Amanda and Larry were great. You can tell they love what they do.
— Kari W.
camp zovargo 2017 D3_04.jpg
Zovargo was a big hit at my daughters birthday party! It was very educational and at the same time so much fun! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.
— Vanida C.
Zovargo did an amazing job in my 2nd grade classroom of 22 students. They were informative, engaging, and fun! The kids really loved the interactive presentation. We had been learning about the rainforest, so being able to see and touch some of these creatures was really a great way to connect it to our learning. After the animal presentation, the kids worked in teams to build a rainforest habitat led by Zovargo members. This was a great and engaging activity. Thank you! The kids were buzzing about the presentation all day as well as the next few days and are constantly going to see the habitats they built. Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I highly recommend them.
— Jimmy L.
I am so glad I chose Zovargo for my daughter’s birthday party. All kids and parents were enthralled. I think the best part was that it was a break from the frenetic quality of kids’ birthday parties. Everyone became peaceful during the animal presentation, which carried through the rest of the party. All of the adults commented on what a great event it was. Thanks so much! I will definitely be recommending them to school and scouts.
— Anna H.